Do Something

Imani Care International began after founder and director, Alyssa Singh, spent a month volunteering in Kenya in the summer of 2011.

She immediately fell in love with the Kenyan people she interacted with, but her heart was broken at the dire state of their living conditions and the lack of healthcare resources within the slums.

Upon returning to the United States, Alyssa could not shake the feeling deep within her that she had to do something.

Alyssa Singh, August 2011

She thought “do something” might mean returning to Kenya to volunteer as a nurse. However, Alyssa felt God calling her to do something else — something bigger than she had ever imagined.

Restoring Health

In July 2012, Imani Care International was born, with the ultimate dream of providing all individuals living in the slum access to affordable healthcare services. As Alyssa witnessed, hope for the slums begins with restoring health.

Imani Care International is a charitable organization based in Clovis, California that partners with healthcare clinics in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. Founded in 2012, Imani seeks to alleviate suffering and to empower individuals by supporting accessible and sustainable holistic healthcare.

Currently, Imani Care International partners with three clinics:

  • Imara Healthcare Centre
  • Lianas Medical Centre
  • Makina Clinic

Each project funded by Imani Care International is a collaborative effort based on the clinic’s stated needs. Imani takes a supportive rather than leading role. Past projects include purchasing medical equipment, supporting staff, renovating buildings and installing generators.