We Seek Partnership

Imani Care International has seen the dedication, courage and skill of many healthcare providers, and we seek to partner with those already on the ground working in the slums.

We have no business giving handouts or undermining current grassroots efforts. Instead, we help Kenyans continue and improve the work they’re already doing.

Imani Care International works to:

  • establish relationships with Kenyan individuals and organizations
  • discover what their needs and hopes are, and
  • determine ways to partner with them to provide needed resources, skills and encouragement.

We Gain Perspective

Life in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya has its challenges. In a country with approximately one doctor and 89 nurses per 100,000 people, those in the slums have very little access to healthcare, much less affordable healthcare.

Despite the prevalence of infectious diseases, unsafe drinking water, nonexistent sewage systems, food insecurity and violence, the majority of Kenyans living in these conditions are resilient, resourceful and gracious individuals.

Imani Care International is committed to actively pursuing insight and understanding about joys, sorrows, obstacles and triumphs of our friends in Kenya.